100MPH Motorcycle Wheelie On Interstate Ends Badly

Ouch! That hurt!

Not sure why this guy thought this was a good idea. He apparently was going over 100MPH when he decided to do a super risky wheelie stunt on the interstate! Videos of people showing off like this usually don’t end well. Either they’re showing off leaving a car show and crash or they crash doing a wheelie. In this case, the guy actually pulls the wheelie part off, it’s only when he lands is when things get out of control.

Somehow, after he’s done doing the wheelie, his bike starts to wobble back and fourth until he eventually loses control and slams into the concrete. He then goes sliding and flipping down the interstate, without wearing a protective motorcycle jacket, so you know that was some serious road rash!

Thankfully the guy seemed to be ok, although more than likely in extreme pain. These types of videos should make people never want to try stunts like this but time and time again we see people do this stuff. A lesson to be had here is that you shouldn’t do crazy stunts on the interstate, or any public road for that matter.

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