HorsePower Builds

Parts Used In This Episode

ATI Performance Products
Harmonic Balancer, Super Damper, External Balance, 180 Degree OEM, Steel, Black, AMC, 360, 390, 401, V8, Each
Comp Cams
Comp Cams, Custom Ground Camshaft
Comp Cams
Lifters, Mechanical, EDM Oil Hole, AMC, Chrysler, Set of 16
Comp Cams
Pushrods, Hi-Tech, Chromoly, Heat-Treated, 5/16 in. Diameter, 9.300 in. Length, Universal, Set of 16
Comp Cams
Rocker Arms, Full Roller, Aluminum, 1.3 Ratio, Fits 7/16 in. Stud, Chevy, Small Block, Set of 16
Comp Cams
Timing Chain and Gear Set, Hi-Tech, Double Roller, Steel Sprockets, AMC, V8, Set
Paint, Engine, Enamel with Ceramic Resin, Semi-Gloss, Black, 12 oz., Aerosol, Each
Cylinder Head, Performer RPM, Aluminum, Assembled, 54cc Chamber, 185cc Intake Runner, AMC, 343, 360, 390, 401
Intake Manifold, Performer RPM Air Gap, Dual Plane, Aluminum, Natural, Square Bore, AMC, 290/343/390, Each
Rocker Arms, Full Roller, Aluminum, Red, 1.7 Ratio, for Use with 7/16 in. Stud, Set of 16
Goodson Shop Supplies
1" DIA. 1" Length. Mallory, Heavy Metal
Sealant, PST Thread Sealant Stick, 19 g, Each
Meziere Enterprises,Inc.
Water Pump, Electric, 40 gpm, Billet Aluminum, Black, Heavy-Duty, AMC, Ford, Jeep, Lincoln, Mercury, Each
Oil Pan, Stock Replacement, 2-piece Rear Main Seal Style, 5 qt. Capacity, Rear Wet Sump, Steel, AMC, V8, Each
MSD Ignition
Cam Gear, Distributor Drive, Iron, AMC, 290, 304, 343, 360, 390, 401, Each
MSD Ignition
Distributor Gear, Aluminum, Bronze, Race, .500 in. Diameter Shaft, Chevy, Small Block, Big Block, V6
MSD Ignition
Distributor, Pro-Billet Street, Magnetic Trigger, Vacuum Advance, AMC, 290-401, Each
MSD Ignition
Spark Plug Wires, Super Conductor, Spiral Core, 8.5mm, Black, Multi-Angle Boots, Chevy, GMC, 454, Set
Timing Cover, Cast Aluminum, AMC 304, 360, 401, Each
Royal Purple
Motor Oil, Multi-Grade, Synthetic, 5W30, Quart, Each
Ultrasonic Parts Cleaner
Shacklett Automotive Machine
Shacklett Automotive Machine, Nashville TN
Summit Racing
Carburetor, Summit, 750 cfm, Square Bore, 4-Barrel, Manual Choke, Mechanical Secondary, with DVD, Each
Total Seal
Piston Rings, Plasma-moly, 4.110 in. Bore, 1/16 in., 1/16 in., 3/16 in. Thickness, 8-Cylinder, Set
Aerosol, 12 oz., lubricant, water dispersant, penetrant, protectant
Wiseco Performance Products
5.875" 360 AMC, 4340 Domestic H-Beam Billet Connecting Rods
Wiseco Performance Products
AMC 360 Pro Tru Flat Top 4110H
Wiseco Performance Products
Flat Wire Spiral Pin Locks