You Can Now Watch Episodes 1 & 2 Of Ford’s “Bring Back The Bronco: The Untold Story”


Calling all Bronco fans! The first two episodes of Ford’s new podcast, Bring Back Bronco: The Untold Story, are now available on Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, Spotify, Stitcher, and everywhere else you choose to find your favorite podcasts.

Here is the complete episode schedule with release dates:

August 10, Episode 1: The American Dream – We go back to 1963, the year of the first sketch, and ask the questions, “What problem was the Bronco built to solve?” and “Why did WW2 veterans clamor for the first run of Broncos?”

August 10, Episode 2: Cracks in the Pavement – In every crime show, there’s a period of time early in the story where everything seems to be fine, but there’s also an underlying feeling of dread, like something bad is going to happen, even though there’s no obvious sign of it. For the Ford Bronco, that’s 1967.

August 24, Episode 3: Going Downhill – Bronco moves into middle age. This is the decade that it starts taking a series of body blows. In the 1990’s the Bronco hit the national headlines for two completely different reasons: The Bronco II rollover controversy, and the O.J. Simpson highway chase.

September 7, Episode 4: End of the Road – The O.J. Simpson chase happened more than 25 years ago, yet there are still a lot of questions about its impact. For the first time ever we take you inside Ford to discover what was happening that night: Inside a Ford factory, Inside the Ford Call Center, and inside the Chairman’s office.

September 21, Episode 5: Driving in the Dark – If you love something enough, can you bring it back to life? Ford is a giant company. Trying to get them to bring back the Bronco is not going to be easy.

October 5, Episode 6: Stuck in the Mud – Will Millennials buy a Bronco? It’s 2004 and Millennials are poised to become the biggest car buying segment in North America. Ford knows they need a product for them, but what do they want?

October 19, Episode 7: Green Light – After three attempts over 15 years, the Bronco Underground is on the verge of giving up. Then outside market forces suddenly turn in their favor. America’s love affair with the SUV is pushing small cars out of production and that opens up an opportunity for the Bronco.

November 2, Episode 8: Hold on Tight -What does ‘Success’ look like? Studio S is a legendary room in Ford’s design building in Dearborn, Michigan. This creative laboratory gave birth to the Thunderbird, the Mustang—and the original Bronco. Today it is filled with full-size clay models of the new Bronco. Sonari Glinton is granted access to this most secretive of rooms and discovers the incredible lengths being taken to honor the past and inspire the future with the 2021 Bronco.

The Ford Bronco has had one wild ride. So be sure to follow along and hear all about it from the automaker itself.

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