You Can Now Swap Cars On Demand

Want a new car in your driveway whenever you feel like it? Porsche is making that an option. The new Porsche Passport is similar to Cadillac’s car subscription service. The automaker is launching the service in Atlanta starting next month and it gives you frequent vehicle swaps, coverage for secondary expenses like registration and insurance, and unlimited mileage for 22 of Porsche’s models.

But it’ll cost you. It starts at $2,000 a month and you don’t have access to every single Porsche on the market. The entry plan gives you eight vehicle options including the Cayman S and Cayenne but for the entire 22 vehicle option, you’ll have to put up $3,000. Considering a lease for a stock Cayman S runs about $1,200 a month before extra expense, this may not be a bad idea for a gearhead that likes to keep their options open. What do you think?

Source: Road And Track

This week on PowerNation its time for Mopars! Katie features two survivors both owned by Ted Stephens of Stephens Performance. Both are unrestored, all original paint and interiors.

The 1968 Hemi Charger R/T is powered by the 426 Hemi and painted in a rare buffed Silver, that’s where the factory actually ran a buffer over the paint, the only color they did that with. It only has 12,000 original miles on it. The second Mopar is a 1969 440 Six Pack Road Runner with only 9,000 original miles. The interior is factory stock and you can see this muscle car on display at Floyd Garrett’s Muscle Car Museum in Sevierville, TN. Truly two rare gems from the muscle car wars, check it out this week.