Scooter Meets Jet Ski: Would You Drive A Scootski?

The last time we saw a mashup this awesome it was a VW Beetle and scooter. The newest trend is throwing a jet ski onto the frame of a scooter or moped. Say hello to the Scootski.

The DIY build has been around for years but they are rising in popularity after surfacing on social media platforms like TikTok. The man in the TikTok (which couldn’t be embedded to follow the link) actually did an interview with his beloved Scootski a few years back with his local news channel:

Nick Stemple is pretty proud of his invention and says it gets him attention everywhere he goes. His particular version was a Bombardier Sea-Doo on the frame of a Honda Elite 250. However, he has since upgraded to a Suzuki Burgman 650 which amps up the speed enough he can actually hit the highway. The Scootski is street legal complete with lights, a license plate and mirrors.

The downside to this creation? You can never take the jet ski back on the water. You’re committed to it being road-bound once you cut the holes in the hull.

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