VW Beetle And Scooter Mashup Lead To The ‘Volkspod’

Talk about a custom and out-of-the-box creation. Fabricators all over the world build crazy and unique vehicles but this one? It’s interesting.

The master behind this concept is Brent Walter. He loves Volkswagen Beetles and also is a fan of scooters. Walter posts all the progress of the build on his Instagram account. The machine is called the Volkspod.

The Volkspod is a two-wheeled creation made up of Volkswagen Beetle fenders and mopeds. With some welding and metal shaping the end result is what you see above.

Brent Walter Instagram

At the time of this article, Walter built two different examples of the Volkspod. The green model is powered by a 79cc powerplant. The blue model or, “Version 2”, comes with a 6.5-horsepower engine.

Brent Walter Instagram

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