Woman Involved In Police Chase Gets Herded By Cows

We’ve seen our fair share of police chases. And some are even odd and have strange endings. But this one is something else!

This time, an alleged car thief was corralled -literally. You probably won’t be surprised to hear that it happened in Florida and this time the police had some help!

Jennifer Anne Kaufman was on the run from police when she ran out of her SUV and into a cow field after she allegedly stole a Subaru and crashed it during the pursuit. While the Seminole County Sheriff’s Office helicopter equipped with night vision had a difficult time keeping Kaufman in sight, about 16 cows in the field were quite visible and had their eyes on Kaufman. They started chasing and actually herding Kaufman toward the fence where officers in the helicopter watched from above and guided ground units to where Kaufman was kept by the cows! Good work, guys.