Woman Has The Perfect Response After Cited $6.7 Million Parking Ticket in Greece

A woman in Greece may hold the world record for receiving the priciest parking ticket in history, after authorities on the Greek island of Rhodes ordered her to pay a whopping €6,648,444 ($6,740,657) over a parking violation.

The ticket arrived in the woman’s mail back in June. Upon opening the envelope, it’s fair to assume that she had to re-read the grand total of the fine to make sure it was real.

According to the local Rhodes newspaper Rodiaki, the woman at first thought the fine was €6,648 ($6,740), which is already a huge number. Once she realized that the notice actually read €6.6 million (approximately $6.7 million), she realized that there had to be some kind of mistake.

In Greece, there is a running joke where all fines over €100 ($101.69) must be paid with a credit card. So when she arrived at her local municipality the next day to pay the fine, she showed her ticket to an employee and told him she would like to pay in cash.

Naturally, the employee assured the woman that the staggering fine was a mistake, relieving her of having to pay €6.6 million ($6.7 million).

Rhodes authorities are unsure how the parking ticket was calculated to such an obscene amount.

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