Woman Ends Up On Highway With Mobility Scooter

This is something you don’t see every day! A nerve-wracking incident was caught in Memphis, local news WKRG reports. The moment was caught on Facebook Live by Towanna Murphy. She was driving down a Memphis street and came across someone who looked like she was in trouble. You can see an elderly woman on a mobility scooter in the middle of the road and when Murphy asked if she needed help, the woman said she did.

Murphy pulled her car behind the scooter in order to block oncoming traffic from hitting her while she tried to direct traffic away from her. SHe blocks her from several cars and even a big rig. But the situation only worsened the more Murphy tried to help her. The woman driving the scooter turned towards the on-ramp to Interstate 240 and proceeded to pull onto the interstate riding her scooter through traffic. Cars were racing around her at well over 70 miles an hour.

Luckily, another driver sees the situation and comes to help. The driver pulls the woman toward the SUV so that both cars are now shielding her from the speeding traffic. Unfortunately, the woman still refused to stop until a police officer’s blue flashing lights appeared. The officer gets out of the car and manages to put a stop to the frightening scooter ride.