Woman Attempts To Gas Up Her Tesla Model S

Apparently, not everyone understands the all-electric concept Tesla has going. There is no such thing as a gas-powered Tesla but nobody seemed to clue this woman in.

The guy filming laughs hysterically as the woman looks around her car for the gas tank. She doesn’t seem to find anything but proceeds to enter her credit card and remove the nozzle to go ahead and pump. She attempts to stick the nozzle in the charge port but of course, that does nothing. And instead of getting out to let her know the guy continues to laugh and film her!

She looks around, confused (or checking if anyone is noticing her embarrassing situation). She continues searching, even popping the trunk to see if something in there would give her a clue. She gives up and starts to call for help when the guy filming gets out and clues her in. Hopefully this isn’t her car or she’s got a lot to learn…

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