Wildest Chase Yet Ends Underwater After Man Flees Into Lake On Seascooter

A police chase is wild all in itself simply due to the fact someone is trying to outrun the police. But when someone is desperate enough to take their chase underwater? That’s a whole new level.

The L.A. Times reported that a Shasta County, CA man who was wanted in connection with a $35-million investment fraud scheme was arrested after leading police on a chase and using an underwater “sea scooter” to evade federal agents.

The underwater escape artist is Matthew Piercey. He used a Yamaha 350LI underwater submersible device to hide in Lake Shasta for almost half an hour while authorities searched for him. The chase began when Piercey started a car chase through local neighborhoods and then onto the 5 Freeway. When the chase ended at the lakeshore, Piercey abandoned his truck, grabbed the sea scooter and hopped in the water.

Piercey was dedicated to his decision. After almost 30 minutes in the lake’s icy waters, Piercey surfaced and was arrested. He has been charged with 31 felony counts, including wire fraud, mail fraud, witness tampering and money laundering.

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