Why Take Your Dog For A Ride When You Could Take Your Lion

So you’ve seen people drive around with their dogs in the back of their trucks but in other parts of the world, people have more exotic pets. A video reported on by The New York Post shows a man driving through the streets of Karachi, Pakistan with his pet lion in the back of his truck. The lion is seen wearing a collar and leash and seems to actually be enjoying the ride through the city. The driver however was eventually arrested for endangering public life and property and is now free on bail. Now THAT’S wild!

This week Katie introduces you to 502 Motorworks from Louisville, Kentucky and their recreations of automotive icons. Silas Boyle and Matt Phillips will explain how they build three cars that are exact recreations of the originals: a 502 Spyder which is a recreation of the 1955 Porsche Spyder, a 1963 AC Cobra “Slabside” and a 1952 C-Type Jaguar. They’re all done in alloy with the correct drivelines, brake components and transmissions, just like the originals. And they come with FIA papers so you can race them in historic races along side the originals. They also distribute reproductions of the 1929 Bentley which is a 1948 Bentley that has been rebodied as a 1929 Bentley. Beautiful and amazing to look at and drive! Plus we’ve got some cool tips and how-to secrets from our four shops, so check it all out this week.