Why A 1993 Mustang Cobra Is On Country Artist Brandon Lay’s Wishlist

This weekend we get the chance to meet up with EMI Recording Artist, Brandon Lay. Gannon got his hands on a 1993 Mustang Fox Body Cobra, which happens to be on Brandon’s wishlist. The 1993 model was the last made but it was the first year that Ford launched the SVT division, which developed specially tuned versions. Thus the Cobra was one of the highest-performing vehicles of the day. The look and sound are unmistakable and some fans even refer to this pony car as the best muscle car ever made.

Brandon Lay has hit the charts in a big way! His style falls somewhere between Don Williams and Def Leppard. He’s also a car guy so we took the chance to meet up with him to talk cars, music, and BBQ.

Brandon talks to Gannon about the correlation between not only singing, but writing music and working on cars, or creating something mechanically. And it all comes down the details. Most recently, Brandon was on the Brothers Of The Sun Tour with Kenny Chesney, playing 19 stadiums.

They end up at Marcy Jo’s restaurant just outside of Nashville. They cover the background on Brandon’s hit song “Speakers, Bleachers, And Preachers” and how he goes through the song-writing process. To finish it off, we took questions from fans that Brandon answers!

You can find Brandon’s tour schedule at https://brandonlay.com

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