Which Car Would You Like To See Play KITT When ‘Knight Rider’ Returns To The Big Screen

If you were a fan of Knight Rider and were sad to see KITT leave the tv, you’re in luck! There are rumors that “Furious 7” director, James Wan, is teaming up with video game writer TJ Fixman to develop a movie based on ’80s NBC classic.

While there aren’t a ton of details available, The Wrap reports that the new movie adaptation “will be modern-day and maintain the anti-establishment of the original series.” Judson Scott will be an executive producer on the project.

The original Knight Rider show ran from 1982 to 1986 on NBC and featured David Hasselhoff as an ex-cop who becomes a private crimefighter under the secret identity of Michael Knight. He pursues his cases with the help of an artificially intelligent self-driving Pontiac Firebird Trans Am named KITT.

While there have been several attempts at a reboot, none have really stuck with fans. The most notable spinoff was in 2008 when NBC recast the show and had a Ford Mustang as KITT. People were not impressed and the season was cut after 17 episodes.

So with very few details of the upcoming movie being shared, what car would you want to see cast as Knight’s sidekick this time?

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