When You Try To Jet Ski And Forget To Brake..

Any type of water vehicle can carry significant risks if you’re not familiar with them or you’re not properly trained to operate them. Obviously operating a boat,jetski or any other type of water vehicle comes with a variety of extra precautions as opposed to driving on the road. There are many unpredictable situations that can occur out there on the water.

Take this video for example. Somewhere on a lake, a guy is riding around on a jetski. Now he’s coming in pretty fast and it looks like he’s having a lot of fun because everyone knows jetski’s are pretty awesome! However it becomes apparent pretty fast that this guy isn’t stopping anytime soon! As the guy is riding the jetski towards a docking area, he literally PLOWS into the side of the wall and goes flying into the water! That looked EXTREMELY painful! Luckily the guy can be seen getting back up shortly after the crash but regardless it still looked like he was gonna feel that for at least a few days. Ouch!

What do you think about this jetski fail? Do you have any thoughts or opinions? Let us know in the comments what you think about it!