What Do You Mean There’s a Shelby GT500 Go Kart Named Skeletor?

YouTube: That Racing Channel

Muscle cars have always been known for their incredible power outputs, but at their weight, it’s always been a mark against them. They’re not as fast as sports cars, even with similar power, but it looks like someone found a solution to utilize all that power and still be deemed worthy of the Shelby GT500 name, and it’s even more awesome than you think.

Zombies are missing body parts, yet manage to run at an optimal level for world domination, and the Go Kart named Skeletor is the car equivalent of that, except at the track. It has the DNA of a Mustang, but it’s a naked shell held together by, well, almost nothing. Even though it appears as something pulled directly from the junkyard, it somehow blasted off in Florida to achieve a near ten-second quarter on the drag strip.

YouTube: That Racing Channel

If you’re wondering the story and guessed it was a wreck purchased at auction, you’re right. It was purchased as a two-year-old model with minor cosmetic damage, and Skeletor’s new owner brought it back to life in perfect stock condition. Well, apparently the car wasn’t meant to be perfect, because the owner crashed it on the way to a car meet.

Unfortunately, the car was a total loss at this point. Instead of selling it for parts, the owner decided to create something unique and awesome – Skeletor. When it comes to parts, it still has a stock 5.8L engine with a supercharger, pulley, and original throttle body. However, it’s tuned, meaning it makes more than the stock 662-horsepower.

Even standing still it’s wild with the tiny front tires and giant slicks in the back. The car has a chute and bucks hard when it shifts gears. The owner is modest and thinks there’s nothing special about it. With that said, it’s a wreck and catapults down the strip at break-neck speeds, which is certainly rare to see.

Don’t believe us? Check out the video below.

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