Whale Tail Sculpture Catches Out of Control Metro Train

The odds of this happening are so incredibly small that watching this is almost unbelievable.

The driver of a metro train in the Netherlands narrowly escaped injury when the front train car rammed through the end of an elevated section of rails. Luckily, it was caught by a sculpture of a whale’s tail near the Dutch port city of Rotterdam.

Photos captured the train after it was left perched on one of two tail fins known as “flukes” several yards above the ground.

People came to watch the scene unfold as engineers tried to work out how to stabilize and remove the train, fighting strengthening winds.

“A team of experts is investigating how we can make it safe and get it down,” Carly Gorter, a spokeswoman for the local security authority, said in an interview.

The company that operates the metro line said the driver was uninjured and there were no passengers on the train when it crashed. The train weighs around 46 tons, so it’s a good thing that most of it stayed on the platform itself instead of the whale tail.

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