We Help Build A Memorial For A Fallen Soldier & More This Week!

This weekend on POWERNATION, there’s an all-new episode of XOR in which our Driveway Rescue team helps build a memorial for a fallen soldier.

On Engine Power, we are using a custom-built Factory Five chassis to build a vehicle for in-depth, on-road engine testing. Plus: rotating assembly for our Summit race bullet.

On Truck Tech, a custom exhaust is built and we bring out the shine in RedTide’s paint.

On Detroit Muscle, we get new wheels and tires for Project Sydewinder which means we have to make sure everything clears. Plus we do some body work on our ’85 Buick.

Tune in to History Sunday morning from 7-9 am ET/PT for the full lineup. You can also catch us on YouTube, Samsung TV Plus, Amazon Prime, XUMO plus our POWERNATION App on Roku, Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV, Android, and Apple App Store!

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