Watching This Guy Paint On Car Windshields Is Mezmerizing

When you wander dealership lots (usually used dealers) you see the cars lined up with the prices and other details displayed across the windshield. They’re usually pretty eye catching with either the colors or size of the font, you can’t miss ’em. They’re all so uniform and seemingly error-free you would assume they’re stickers (which a lot of the new cars are) or if they’re done by hand, done with a stencil of some kind. But this guy proves otherwise.

There’s something incredibly satisfying about watching this guy move across the windshield effortlessly – and with making no mistakes we might add. Sure, he probably has loads of experience and practice but it’s still an impressive skill to watch. So next time you head out to a lot and see those “Only $1,000 down” slogans you know how it was done. The video was originally posted by and they managed to track him down. The guy in the video is John Oliver. He’s from Ohio and has apparently always had a love for art and signs/lettering in particularly and has his own sign shop today. It’s pretty cool stuff.

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