Watch Travis Pastrana Get Insane Air Over His Hometown In Gymkhana 11

Expectations were high when racer Travis Pastrana took over the iconic Gymkhana series from Ken Block. To make sure he delivered, Pastrana went home to Annapolis, MD to pull off the most insane drifts, donuts, jumps, and stunts.

The eleventh video in the stunt series, or Gymkhana 2020: Travis Pastrana Takeover; Ultimate Hometown Shred features Pastrana and his 862-horsepower Subaru WRX STI.

The car was built specifically for this type of event complete with a “Send It” button on the steering wheel which opens a flap on the rear wing to adjust the car’s angle while the driver is mid-air.

In our opinion, Gymkhana videos never disappoint. And this one is no exception. One of the most impressive stunts is the 120-foot jump across Annapolis’ Ego Alley waterway. Not to be undone by Block, Pastrana also squeezed in a waterfront donut and had the car hang further out over the water than Block’s did in Gymkhana Nine. There is also a 360-degree spin-jump-combo under a plane and a 150-mph jump. Seriously, there’s something for everyone.

Block and Pastrana have been longtime rivals behind the wheel of rally and rallycross cars. However, this is all in fun.

“It was simple and fun, but that prompted a much bigger, and long-time-coming challenge: Could Travis beat me at my own game?” Block explained. “His locations, his tricks, and a chance to show off what he can do behind the wheel! Of course there’s no lack of big jumps in the video. That’s his thing! But did he make a better video than any of my 10? Guess we’ll let the audience decide!”

Could this be the beginning of a very awesome and stunt-filled face-off series? We hope so.

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