Watch the Mercedes-Benz EQG Demonstrate its 360-Degree ‘Tank Turn’ Ability

Mercedes-Benz EQG

A “tank turn” is when a vehicle is able to spin on its center axis in any direction by using four electric motors. The Rivian R1T prototype first demonstrated this feature, and it has since been making the rounds with other automakers, or at least similar innovations.

Mercedes-Benz has since released a video of its EQG prototype demonstrating a full, 360-degree tank turn while off-roading. Calling it the “G-Turn”, Mercedes-Benz says this feature will be available on the official production model of the EQG in 2024.

On top of the G-Turn, the EQG will be available as both an ICE and EV that will be able to take on rough terrain. The vehicle’s concept also has a ladder frame, as well as a 2-speed gearbox designed for off-road gear reduction.

Much like the Rivian R1T and Mercedes-Benz EQG, other automakers have developed similar novelty features such as the “Crab Walk” offered by GMC’s Hummer EV which activiates the vehicle’s four wheels to turn at once, allowing it to move diagonally.

Whether more automakers will be adding the “tank turn” feature to their inventory is unknown, though it would certainly allow an alternative way to do donuts.

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