Watch The Beauty Of This Kenworth W900L 3 Stick Shifting

If you thought you’ve gotten down the basics driving a stick shift and are ready to step up to a couple of more complex maneuvers, along comes something that might or might not have seen before and it throws a wrench in things and makes you wonder how someone does it and if you’re up for the challenge! And this could be an example. Shifting a truck can be a little bit more complicated seeing as there are extra gear levers thrown into the mix.

Follow along with the driver inside of a rig that uses not one, not two but three sticks to shift the massive piece of machinery. At times, the driver even has to use both hands to move one lever out of gear and the next into gear. From the outside or beginners it may look like a confusing concept but, after a little bit of practice, it becomes almost second nature as you can tell after by this driver. Even if you have no idea what’s going on in the video and only understand the basic concepts, it still fun to watch!

Let us know if, with no experience, you could hop inside and figure this one out on your own. We have a feeling that those who have never done it would be all over Google trying to figure out how it all works.