Watch Semi Driver Expertly Steer A Massive Trailer Down Freeway

This video is mesmerizing to watch. Both the actual feat and appreciating the skill it takes to do this.

A video of the Buchanan Hauling & Rigging team with a toll gantry (the single piece of electronic receiver that goes across the highway to read the transceivers inside passing vehicles) on the way from Central Florida down towards South Florida shows just how it’s done.

Watch as the oversize load truck with a 235-foot tolling gantry on board makes the trek. Most of the trip is over two-lane roads, but in order to navigate this rig on and off of the freeway requires huge planning and maneuvers.

Since the gantry basically forms its own trailer and stays rigid in transit, the truck must carefully maneuver roadways with the help of spotter vehicles and traffic police.

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