WATCH: Motorcyclist Falls Off Colorado Cliff, Survives

Every now and then, you see a scary crash or fall that makes you feel lucky to be alive. This fall is exactly that kind of crash and it was caught on camera. A Texas man fell down a cliff while riding his motorcycle in Colorado.

The motorcyclist, Rick Hogge, was luckily wearing a helmet and heavy clothing along a narrow and rocky trail called Schofield Pass. As he was riding along, he hit a bump on the path causing him to lose balance that sent him careening down a cliff into the water below. Hogge told KDVR that he estimates the fall was about 60 to 70 feet down.

Luckily for Hogge, he not only survived the fall but suffered only a minor scratch and bruise. As you can see the video, he was successfully pulled from the water.

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