Watch A Domino Effect Unfold As A Truck Driver Rear Ends A Jeep Into A Pair Of Motorcycle Cops

What started out as innocent fun ended with a police motorcycle on the ground and an unhappy officer.

The video starts with a Tacoma driver revving the engine at a stoplight. Spectators cheer them on and the Tacoma passenger flashes a thumbs up. Based on comments on the original video, the truck is owned by a local who is handicapped which means the truck has the appropriate controls. This is further backed up by the wheelchair seen in the bed of the Tacoma. It’s said the handicapped owner is riding shotgun in this video with someone else driving. So there is speculation the driver isn’t fully comfortable with the handicap controls and that’s how this whole ordeal unfolded.

Almost immediately after revving the engine, the Tacoma lurches forward into the back of the white Jeep. The Jeep then plows into the two police motorcycles sitting at the red light. One officer stays standing while the other motorcycle flips on its side, sending the officer to the ground. That doesn’t sit well with the officer who then marches back to the Tacoma and demands the driver get out of the vehicle.

Unfortunately, the video is cut off before we can see what happens but we’re assuming a citation was given.

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