Volkswagen Driver Drives Dangerously and Crashes Into Wall

It’s always best to be patient while driving, because after all a car is a dangerous, heavy machine. Some people however don’t know how to be patient while driving and tend to speed, tailgate, weave in and out of traffic and just overall put peoples lives at risk by driving crazy. Unfortunately there are a lot of drivers like this out there on the roads, so it’s just a bad situation overall but this is why a lot of people have dash cams these days.

This video is just a typical driving video with a rear camera on a car. A speeding Volkswagen is weaving in and out of traffic for a while before finally speeding up and tailgating. Suddenly the Volkswagen speeds up so fast and appears to try to pass the car as its changing lanes. It looks like the Volkswagen is trying to pass through the break down lane but it’s not clear. As a result of the Volkswagen driving so fast and so close to the car with the dash cam, the Volkswagen loses control and CRASHES into the middle wall! That’s got to be one terrible fail! What do you think about this wild video?!