Viral Video Shows Man in Motorized Scooter Towing a Powerboat in Traffic

It has been proven that many ICE and EVs have enough torque to pull heavy cargo like a boat. However, one man in California has gone viral after footage has surfaced of him towing a powerboat using only his electric wheelchair.

The video was posted to social media by Christopher Jacoby after he spotted the man in El Cajon, CA holding up traffic. It was upon closer examination where he realized that the wheelchair was linked up to a full-size trailer with a powerboat trailing behind.

“What in the f***ing world is this?” Jacoby can be heard saying. “Holy S****. Dude is holding up traffic, towing a boat. He’s trying to get over! Hahahaha.”

Many online users were mainly impressed by how well the wheelchair was able to handle towing the boat, minus the slight wobble coming through the turn. Of course, this also gives rise to the question of “Can it handle bringing the boat in and out of water?” Not to mention the brake power needed in case of an emergency.

In the state of California, what this man was doing isn’t technically illegal. If anything, local police may give him a citation over taillights.

And as the saying goes, “just because you can, doesn’t mean you should.”

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