VIDEO: Woman Pulled From SUV Seconds Before Train Collision

An Arizona woman had a rough day but thanks to a good Samaritan, it wasn’t deadly. The security footage shows her being rear-ended by a red truck pushing her SUV onto the train tracks.

With the train barreling down on her, the driver of the pickup truck and several others rushed to her aid. With just seconds to spare, they pulled her from the truck. They were nearly hit by her SUV as the train rammed through it and kept going.

Gloria Carcia, a driver who helped the woman from the truck, said “The train was getting closer and closer and I’m here looking at the train, looking at her, it’s like oh my gosh she’s gonna get hit, she’s gonna get hit.”

“We both started running backwards because the hit was getting so close and then when the hit went pow! Her car almost hit us from trying to get away from the train wreck.”

“I’m just glad that lady is okay and she keeps telling me ‘you saved my life,’ and I really don’t feel I did but she says I did and I just thank God, I was at the right place at the right time,” said Carcia.

According to local officials, there were no reported injuries from the collision.

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