Vermont Police Playing Santa With ‘Naughty Or Nice’ Speed Radar

Santa is watching these Vermont residents, so to speak! The Chester city police department took it upon itself to deem drivers ‘naughty or nice’.

The department posted photos on its Facebook page with the caption: “We received a request direct from the North Pole to remind everyone that Santa is still making his list and checking it twice, and to make sure to have a safe and happy holiday season!”[0]=68.ARCB2fzAVHx80YQQhCQsntp5ahJ4cXXo4YeuV_rOCnj18pgBwYZnnJ6dxz956QuUyNmCA-tYii8FhbCgoOrHwgBwMpyMaOj8ZymIGNgp78t-YbXhJ8cqmbVVsuFYw5Y2SCOaA9b3hqWk8LQjz3TFeMw1Zm33IUxNWg18dxlQKztmEMMws736N1V1QH5ViNfi3L1kQgKxfFkYDtlYzz973yx7nLG_VSidu__QM_Kt4yYxnOkTJZr2w2jt8BLVD053CWF6MZ7w3fOBoK5B8fQ0_AWyNAja_NQuwg20TjiSBejv3UxePLY0vvGWAbX28N5G2PzYfduTbOHecFK47HjPTqo-Rg&__tn__=-R

The speed shows up as green numbers for nice drivers and red numbers for naughty drivers with the words “nice” or “naughty” lit up below.

Det. Adam Woodell says the response has been instant — and positive.

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