Valet Takes Lamborghini For Joyride, Then It Catches On Fire!

Why would a valet think that driving someone else’s car like this would be a good idea? Apparently the valet in this video was revving a customers Lamborghini at a stop light when it suddenly caught on fire. That’s not cool! You trust someone else with the keys to your car and then they break it..really?

As soon as the valet gets out of the car, you can hear people start yelling at him that something is wrong. He quickly realizes the car is on fire near the exhaust in the back and then immediately turns the car off! This is when people begin gathering near the car to record the whole ordeal on their cellphones.

A bystander then sees the fire and comes to the rescue with a fire extinguisher. He puts the fire out but what’s left over is one ugly looking Lamborghini. Half covered in fire extinguisher dust with a half burnt plastic exhaust cover, this Lamborghini is definitely not gonna look the same when the owner dropped it off at the valet. We imagine the owner of this car wasn’t too happy when he found out what happened. They also probably won’t ever use valet again after this situation.