Update: North Carolina Orders Track To Close After It Holds Race Against Executive Orders

Over the past month, Ace Speedway in Elon, NC has welcomed thousands of fans and it opened up for racing. The only problem is that the races were held in defiance of the state’s executive orders while the state is still under Phase 2 lockdown, meaning no crowds of more than 25.

Now, North Carolina has ordered the track to be closed immediately, citing the track as an “immediate hazard of COVID-19” after violating the order not once or twice, but three times.

In order to hold races, the track had claimed that racing events are constitutionally protected as they are a “peaceful protest,” and are no different than the protests currently being held across the country. And while that may sound like it could work, the current order prohibits the track from operating at any capacity.

Ace Speedway could reopen under the order if it presents a plan to adhere to state guidelines and if that plan is approved by the Department of Health and Human Services.

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