Speedway Draws Thousands After Labeling Itself A ‘Protest’ To Avoid Coronavirus Restrictions

Ace Speedway in Elon, North Carolina found a loophole in the recent Coronavirus restrictions. Even though the state is still under Phase 2 lockdown, meaning no crowds of more than 25, the venue held a race that drew thousands of spectators.

How did they get around it? By declaring the race a “protest.” A sign from management outside the speedway said, “This event is held in Peaceful Protest of Injustice and Inequality Everywhere.”

Prior to the race, the governor’s office warned Ace Speedway that opening would violate Phase 2. And the crowds sure turned up to prove them right. News outlets report that more than 2,000 attended a race Saturday night.

The Alamance County Sheriff’s Office said it is “evaluating the events.”

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