Update: Marine Who Stole Truck To Save Others In Las Vegas Is Given A Truck

Remember the story we shared about the Marine veteran who stole a pickup to shuttle victims to safety during the horrific Las Vega shooting? Well thankfully, he’s been recognized for his bravery. Thanks to local new ABC15 Arizona for the footage that allows us to watch this awesome moment.

B5 Motors located in Arizona went through social media to help find Winston using the hashtag #HelpB5MotorsfindTaylorWinston to locate him so that they could hand over the keys to a 2013 Ford F-150 after being inspired by his story that has quickly made news headlines. The truck is well deserved but Winston plans on doing great things even with his new gift. He has plans to sell his current truck and donate the profit to help the victims from the shooting. That’s a real American hero right there. Thank you, Taylor Winston.

Original Story:

At the beginning of the week, we witnessed an incredible tragedy in the biggest mass shooting in Las Vegas. While many outlets continue to talk about the shooter, it’s far more important to recognize the heroes. The people who were on the scene as the disaster unfolded and still went above and beyond in selfless acts to make sure others were safe. We should all take time to recognize and send some appreciation to Taylor Winston. Winston attributes much of the way that he acted to his military training. After joining the Marines at 17, the 29-year-old vet served two tours in Iraq before being honorably discharged in 2011.

Winston saw people who were in serious danger when the events of the Las Vegas Massacre started to unfold and he hopped to action without question. He stole one of the event’s service trucks and went around to help wherever he was able whether it was getting people to a better shelter or delivering injured people to the hospital. After it was all over, he was able to get around 20-30 people medical attention that they needed along with the countless others that he helped get to safety.