Update: Lamborghini Offers Are Rolling In For 5-Year-Old Caught Behind The Wheel

A 5-year-old boy was pulled over this week by a Utah Trooper. Yes, 5 years old! His reason for stealing his parents SUV and hitting the highway? To go to California to see his sister and buy a Lamborghini…with the $3 in his pocket.

Naturally, that didn’t pan out for Adrian Zamarripa and his parents were called to pick him and their car up sans Lamborghini. His family says they are very sorry for this incident and warned other parents to not leave their car keys unattended. But his story went viral online and offers for Adrian to sit in, and ride in a Lamborghini are pouring in.


The family was able to meet up with “Jeremy from Orem,” who is a Lamborghini owner, so Adrian could get a ride. This is what the car community is all about!

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