Unusual Roadside CPR, Stuck Stanced Car, 600 HP Hybrid Civic, Rumble Scooter, Smart Intersection, And Fast Fails

Today on PND…
• A Teenager Gives A Squirrel CPR After Hitting It With His Car
• A Slammed Car That Got Stuck On Absolutely Nothing
• College Students Built A 600 HP Civic With A Hybrid Powertrain
• An Electric Scooter That Still Sounds (kind of) Like A Motorcycle
• The World Has Its First Smart Intersection
• And Top 5 Fast Fails: Stanced Edition

Squirrel CPR
Squirrels are unfortunately the biggest victims of roadkill. And the majority of people continue on their way…but not this guy. Minneapolis resident, 19-year-old Chris Felix, couldn’t leave the scene without seeing if the little guy was OK. The car detailer got out, put on a glove, and started giving the squirrel CPR. Nearby officers thought he was having car trouble so stopped by to see if he needed a hand and were (rightfully) a little confused to see what he was working on instead. But their body cameras did catch the whole scene on video. After a bought 20 minutes of chest compressions, the squirrel jumped up and ran off…glad to hear it was a happier ending than most squirrels have!

Stuck Stanced Car
This guy and his Nissan Silvia have been the butt of internet jokes since this video went viral. He was in Knoxville, Tennessee for the “Slammed Enough” Car Show and was driving downtown when he got stuck on, well, nothing. And if that’s not embarrassing enough he reportedly had the same problem in Gatlinburg, TN too. The intersection doesn’t appear to have any crazy bumps or dips, but the extreme stance might have had something to do with it…

Hybrid Civic
Talk about a fun assignment. 19 graduate engineering students at Clemson University built a 600 Honda Civic, with Honda’s sponsorship and approval of course. It’s called Deep Orange 9 and has a 0-60 time of 2 seconds thanks to its hybrid powertrain. Talk about gettin’ it done. It’s powered by a 2.0-liter supercharged 4-cylinder that powers the rear axle while an electric motor powers the front axle. 400 horsepower comes from the ICE while 200 is from the electric motor. This car not only has power, but its fuel economy is improved by 30%. So with both efficiency not taking away from the power, could this be a “greener” powertrain option for racing platforms?

Rumble Motorcycle
There are plenty of things people aren’t crazy about when it comes to electric motors. But arguably one of the biggest when it comes to car guys is the sound you just don’t get with electric motors like you do with gas engines. But Rumble Motors has come out with an electric scooter that comes with a built-in fake engine sound. The company says it’s to provide warning and alert other motorists and pedestrians, but noise is noise. The scooter has a max speed of 44 mph and a 60-mile range but will run you about $3,500…would you buy it?

Smart Intersection
It was only a matter of time before smart cars led to smart intersections. And Honda has unveiled the first smart intersection at the corner of Main St. and 5th Avenue in Marysville, Ohio. It consists of cameras on top of all 4 stoplight posts and is named “vehicle-to-everything” or V2X. The cameras can sense emergency vehicles, people in walkways, and potential red-light violators and warn other drivers through their audio system. The downside of this system is it’s pretty expensive initially, but it could be less expensive if it is mass produced. Do you think it’ll take off?

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