Unmarked Cop Runs Stop Sign, Hits Another Car, and Arrests The Innocent Driver

These officers with the Michigan State Police are in trouble after reportedly framing another driver for an accident they were at fault for. A security camera placed outside a building towards an intersection in a Detroit neighborhood caught it all on tape. A pair of MSP officers were driving in an unmarked Jeep and either ignored a stop sign or weren’t paying attention and illegally entered the intersection. Unfortunately, at the exact time the Jeep was crossing the intersection, 27-year-old Carlos Martinez was driving down the one-way street. The two cars crashed and resulted in decent damage to both vehicles.

It’s reported that Martinez walked away with scratches and bruises, while the officer driving the Jeep was treated for a broken rib and collarbone. As if the collision wasn’t rough enough, the officers proceeded to attack Martinez with accusations and eventually, arrested him. Martinez’s mother, who was in the car, says that her son is a U.S. citizen without any criminal history. She also added that the MSP officer confiscated her son’s phone and license during the arrest which have yet to be returned. Fox 2 Detroit reports that the officer who arrested Martinez allegedly tried to protect his identity by not sharing his supervisor’s contact information.

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