Uber Driver Crashes Into Gas Pump Causing An Explosion!


Miraculously both the driver and the passenger survived this insane accident. We first start off by seeing surveillance footage of gas station pumps at a gas station in Seattle. All the pumps aren’t being used, except for one on the right. Everything at this moment seems fine, like any other night. However, literally in a blink of an eye a speeding SUV comes out of NO WHERE and drives between 2 pumps before plowing into the pump next to the guy pumping gas!! When the SUV hits the pump, it explodes into a burst of flames which is absolutely shocking!

Apparently the SUV driver was an UBER driver and had a passenger in their car at the time of this incident. Both were ok! Before this incident took place, the SUV reportedly crashed into a Honda which smashed into a tree. The SUV kept driving and went airborne through this Shell station. This is super crazy!!

The guy pumping gas at the gas station looks like he got in his car RIGHT as the crash happened. You see his cars brake lights light up after the crash occurred. What a wild situation! What do you think about this? What do you think happened? Let us know in the comments!