Two-Wheeled Rover, Totaled McLaren, Airborne Mazda, Representative Caught Speeding, And Hennessey’s Demon

Today on PND…

• A Range Rover Takes The Goodwood Hill On Two Wheels
• A Guy Totaled His McLaren 720S A Day After Buying It
• A Pro Mazda Car Goes Airborne
• An Arizona Representative Caught Bragging About Excessive Speed To Officer
• And The 1,000 HP Hennessey Demon In Action

Goodwood Hill
Stunt driver Terry Grant is familiar with Goodwood and taking on the Hill Climb on two wheels. In 2015 he took the hill in a Nissan Juke and this year he’s back with a Range Rover and a 2 minute, 24.5 second time!

This one hurts. A man leaving a cars and coffee event in Virginia was so excited from showing off his McLaren 720S that he wrecked it. Right into a tree. The brand new, 1-day-old $300,000 is now a totaled pile of metal. Fairfax County Police say the cause was speed. Guess you can’t buy driving skill.

This crash almost looks fake. Harrison Scott was driving in the Pro Mazda Championship in Toronto when he got tangled up with the #91 car and lost control going into the turn. His car suddenly goes airborne and looks to get about fence-height before it flies back to the ground. Luckily he walked away unhurt!

Just because you’re a lawmaker doesn’t mean you can get out of tickets. Except if you’re in Arizona. Arizona’s 5th District Representative, Paul Mosley, was caught on a La Paz County Officer’s dash cam bragging that he was going 140 mph before he got pulled over for going 97 in a 55. He tells the officer he was “trying to get home to his wife” and that he knew he was breaking the law. The officer lets him off with a warning because Arizona law DOES protect legislative officials from arrest in all cases except treason, a felony, and breach of peace.

•Hennessey’s HPE1000 Dodge Demon •1,035 Engine HP
•Stock Demon has 840 HP
•806 lb.-ft. torque
•4.5L supercharger
•Available for 2018 Demons
•9.14 second ¼ mile at 152 MPH