Two Dodge Charger Drivers Pulled Over for Speeding 126 MPH, Arrested Minutes Later Doing 112 MPH

2017 Dodge Charger SXT AWD

If you get pulled over for excessive speeding and get off with just a ticket, you consider yourself lucky and drive responsibly. Unfortunately for a pair of drivers from Chesterfield Twp, MI, they didn’t learn their lesson.

A man and a woman driving separate Dodge Charger SXT’s were pulled over by Michigan State Police on I-94 after being spotted weaving in and out of traffic while going 126 mph. After they were citing for speeding, they were released.

Minutes later, both drivers were caught again on the same highway by the same police officer for going 112 mph. The first trooper pulled over one Charger while the other drove off. A separate MSP officer located the second car after checking a gas station at the next exit.

Both drivers were arrested for reckless driving and their Charger SXT’s were sent to an impound lot.

Further proof that recreating scenes from The Fast and The Furious doesn’t always end well.

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