Twin Turbo Mustang Chutes Fail To Deploy During Drag Race!

Well this is some scary stuff!

As you know, many drag race cars use parachutes to help slow them down from the extreme speeds that they go. This is important because when you go THAT fast during a drag race, it’s really really hard to stop from just brake power alone so they obviously need some extra help. However not everything is foolproof and sometimes accidents do happen because of equipment that fails during races. Fortunately for the Mustang in this video, not a whole lot of damage occurred due to the chutes not opening in time.

As a twin turbo Mustang is about to race another car, all seems well during the whole race. It’s only when the end of the race comes is when things seem to go wrong. As the other car deploys its chutes, the Mustang doesn’t. It becomes pretty clear that something is wrong with the chutes because the camera person zooms in on the Mustang as it’s trying to brake in time before slamming into the tires down at the end of the track. The Mustang then turns into the grass and has a small collision with the ground, causing some damage to the car but fortunately it wasn’t actually that bad. What do you think about it!?