Try These Tips For A Simple Tuneup On Old, Dormant Vehicles

Need a guide to help tune up the project that’s been sitting for years? Summit Racing has the answers for you.

First off, check your fuel tank, please. When’s the last time you looked at your fuel tank? If your vehicle has seen some serious miles, it’s a good idea to slide under there and check for rust or cracks (especially at the seams) that can become a source for leaks.

If things don’t look so hot, it’s time to replace the tank with a new one. Dorman makes some nice direct replacement tanks that accept all of your fuel lines, in-tank pumps, etc. and don’t cost an arm and a leg. If you’re trying to revive a vehicle that’s been sitting a long time, check out this article to see how a couple of guys brought an old F-100 back from the dead.

Once things are in working order and it’s time to improve that project, start from the ground up! Cragar Keystone Klassic Wheels are like instant street cred for your muscle car.

In the late 1960s and through most of the 1970s, having a set of Keystone Klassic wheels on your car earned you some respect out on the street. The Sox and Martin team ran Klassics on their Barracudas and GTXs and they ruled NHRA Pro Stock, so they ruled on the street too. Get a set of Cragar Keystone Klassic wheels for your classic muscle car and earn some respect on cruise night.

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