Truck Driver Hits Car While Turning, Company Won’t Pay Damages!

What would you do if it was you in this situation?

A freight company claims it won’t pay for damages after one of its truck drivers hit a car while turning into a busy Sydney intersection, despite it being captured on dashcam. A driver publicly shared the footage that shows the woman waiting for the lights to turn green and then waiting for the truck before turning her own vehicle.

“He says I shouldn’t be overtaking a turning vehicle and I told him I was waiting at the traffic light for him to go first,’ the woman driving the car told Daily Mail.

The car and truck drivers stopped to exchange details and police didn’t respond to the accident. The woman says she received a phone call from the company where the driver works they told her not to worry, they will fix her car and asked her to send in quotes. So I asked him, so he did admit that it was his fault? And he said yes,’ the post continues.

However, apparently, the truck driver told his employer a different story. The woman shared the dashcam footage with the Facebook page after she was told by the company that the driver has told them the contrary. The company came back and told her “Seeing that the truck has passed you and the damage to your car is at the front, it stands to reason that you started your turn prior to our truck passing you and you have subsequently run into our truck, in line with our driver’s version of events.”

They then suggested that they’ll take care of the truck’s damages if she agreed to take the responsibility for damages to her car.

After posting to social media, there was overwhelming sympathy for the motorist and people urged her to contact her insurer.

One man said:
“You were at the intersection first giving you right of way. You also never crossed the line. The truck is very much at fault.”

A fellow truck driver even said the motorist did nothing wrong. So what are your thoughts…who is in the wrong?