Truck Backflip Gone Wrong! Mega Fail!

Roll cages are one of the best inventions in all of history. When off roading, it’s highly likely that at some point your truck will flip. This is only during serious off roading and dirt racing but it happens a lot. On dirt race tracks, you see a lot of off roader trucks do some pretty insane tricks and flips because why not? They’re awesome to watch and it not only looks cool but it also takes a massive amount of driving talent and precision to pull the stunts off.

In this video you see a red truck at a dirt track somewhere about to do something amazing. As spectators stand and stare, the truck then takes off up a dirt ramp! All seems well until instead of doing a backflip, the truck just stays vertical and lands straight up!! This definitely doesn’t look amazing, it looks awful! After this happens, the wheels fall off and the truck falls onto its side. What a fail! Luckily the driver got out uninjured because this truck was designed for this kinda thing. Crazy stuff!! What do you think about this stunt gone wrong? Do you have any thoughts or opinions? Let us know in the comments!