Tractor Tug of War Doesn’t End Well

We all love tug-of-war videos because they’re just so awesome to watch! Who doesn’t like to see two cars/trucks/tractors in such a great competition? Usually in a well organized tug-of-war match, there are moments when it’s a good idea to stop. If another car is losing so badly and it’s getting ridiculous to keep going, you stop. If some type of damage or something else bad is happening, you stop! this video, a tractor is pulling another tractor and it’s just..unexplainable.

It starts to not make any sense when you notice the green tractors wheels are no longer moving and it’s almost completely vertical. This would definitely be a good place to stop the tug-of-war matchup because it’s not fair at this point. Well the red tractor just keeps on pulling until eventually the green tractor falls over completely upside down! The crowd panics because obviously that wasn’t supposed to happen! What a tug-of-war failure! It would’ve been awesome to actually know which tractor would’ve won this matchup but unfortunately it turned into a fail.

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