Tractor Pull Splits This F-150 In Half

You always want to make sure that the vehicle in question during any sort of pull can handle the abuse you’re going to be throwing its way. It’s especially true when it comes to a tractor pull since trucks are put through the ringer to show off their strength. And that means that drivers need to upgrade just about everything to make sure that nothing goes wrong.

Watch as this Ford F-150 that appears to be stock, or at least close to stock, has its chance. It goes head-to-head with a tractor pull situation and the result isn’t amazing. You can watch as the 4×4 pulls on the load as hard as it possibly can, eventually causing it to split in half which makes a front end of the truck begin to run away from the back end. However, maybe it was on purpose because there’s no way that you could miss that much frame damage that would allow the truck to pretty much break in half. Thoughts? It’s pretty funny to watch the front end of the truck continue to move on when the back end stays put

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