Toyota’s Experimental Hydrogen-Powered Semi Is A Powerhouse

Toyota has opened up a look into the future of zero emission trucking. It’s called “Project Portal” and it’s a hydrogen fuel cell system that’s designed for heavy-duty truck use, starting at the port of Los Angeles. Toyota announced in a press conference that its zero-emission truck concept will be part of a study to find out just how much fuel cell technology could help the environment.

The truck has a fuel cell drivetrain from Toyota that is put into a modified Kenworth T660 chassis. And get this, the 21,970-lb. truck can accelerate from 25mph to 55mph in only 6.3 seconds and hit 60mph from a dead stop in 10 seconds, according to Road and Track. That’s pretty impressive acceleration from an almost 11-ton truck WITHOUT the trailer attached. So of course, it blows traditional trucks out of the water when it comes to not only emissions but also speed.

The study starts this summer and the trucks will be hauling 60,000 lbs. of cargo in short distance hauling. In these conditions, Toyota claims the truck has a driving range of more than 200 miles per fill-up.

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