Toyota Recalls More Than 130,000 Land Cruisers And Tacomas For Airbags And Brakes

Toyota has issued a recall notice for two of its trucks – the Land Cruiser sport-ute and the Tacoma pickup truck. Both issues could lead to serious situations if not taken care of.

The first issue involving the 2008-2019 Land Cruiser (and Lexus LX 570) includes the system that tells the car whether to deploy airbags for the front passenger. According to Toyota, the sensor can degrade over time and illuminate the “airbag off” warning light and deactivate the airbags for the front, knee, and side. In the event of a crash, those aforementioned airbags would be deactivated and won’t deploy which leaves the passenger without protection. A large chunk of 89,700 of these cars are being recalled to fix the issue.

On top of that, 44,000 Tacoma pickup trucks from 2018-2019 are being recalled due to a seal in the master brake cylinder that could potentially leak fluid and cause the brakes to “suddenly reduce”, and that could also end up being a serious situation if needed to slam the brakes in a hurry. That recall should start sometime later next month as they scramble to fix what’s going on with the Land Cruiser and LX 570.