Towing Fail!! Mercedes S500 Bumper Dragging Ground

How does something like this happen? You would think most tow truck drivers would go through a series of important steps before towing a car to make sure everything is done correctly. It would make sense to make sure the car you are transporting is properly secured to the back of your tow truck. If it’s not properly secured, this could potentially cause an extreme amount of damage to the vehicle or even cause a vehicle to become completely disconnected from the tow truck and cause a bad accident.

Whatever the case may be in this situation, this is horrible for the Mercedes owner! Not only is your car now significantly damaged but it’s a Mercedes S- Class that’s damaged!! If you didn’t already know, a Mercedes S-class is definitely not cheap!! It’s also really expensive to repair.

In this video, we see a Mercedes S500 literally dragging the ground while being towed by a tow truck on the interstate. When the video gets closer, you see the bumper is already badly damaged. The owner of that Mercedes probably wasn’t very happy when they found out about this! What do you think about this situation? Let us know in the comments!