Towing Fail! Guy Crashes Truck In Pond, Then It’s Towed Out, THEN The Tow Truck Fails…Truck Goes Back In Pond

Well there are a lot of tow truck fails out there but this has to be one of the worst we’ve seen! It’s one of the worst we’ve seen not because the damage done to the truck but the fact that the tow truck is responsible for putting the truck BACK into the very same position it was called out there to help with. This is embarrassingly funny but probably not so funny for the owner of the truck who had to deal with everything.

The backstory to this is apparently a guy crashed into someones pond, so they called a tow truck to help get it out. Well the beginning of the video is the actual footage of the truck being towed out of the pond..and then about 30 minutes later, disaster strikes! Something went wrong and it’s believed one of the cables snapped or something, and the truck literally rolls right back into the pond! This is a double fail! A fail on the driver of the trucks part for driving into a pond to begin with and then a fail on the tow truck drivers part for failing in the biggest way possible. What do you think about this!?