Tow Truck Drops Car and Keeps On Driving!

Anytime you tow something, it’s always best to make sure whatever you are towing is properly secured on to the back of your truck. Otherwise, if it isn’t properly secured, then something like this might happen. When stuff like this happens it has the potential to cause a pile up or some other type of accident!

Somewhere in Russia we see a dash cam video of a car driving around town. Throughout the video you see a car driving through traffic, when suddenly you see a tow truck carrying a badly damaged car on the back. As the tow truck turns around a corner of a round-a-bout, the car it is carrying literally just falls off in the middle of the street! What a fail! The car was clearly not secured at all on the back of this truck because it looks like it literally just slides off!

What’s funny is that the tow truck driver literally has no idea that this just happened and continues to drive down the road. The driver with the dash cam begins to honk the horn to get the tow truck to stop but the driver just keeps going! What do you think about this fail? Let us know in the comments!